New Video Released for "Partition"

We are excited to release our second track, “Partition” along with our video, from the soon-to-be-released Sophomore EP, “The Long Con” (October 2020). Watch the Video for “Partition” here - Subscribe to our channel and like our socials too!

Jul 20, 2020

Thank You

Over the past few weeks, we have had some great reviews, interviews, additions to playlists, etc. Thank you to all of you. 

Links to those are below: 


- Spotify - 

- Unsigned Showcase - 

- What Makes Sense Podcast - Can be heard at: 

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Jul 20, 2020

Welcome to our OFFICIAL WEBSITE!


It's a weird time BUT we are having a good time! There is a lot of shit to get too, so let's get this on the go!

      First things first, this is our new website! Welcome! We have set up a mailing list you can sign up for to receive updates about upcoming tours and release news! Once signing up you will be in the running for some pretty choice giveaways as well so... DO IT! You like free stuff? well then this is the mailing list for you!

      Secondly You will notice we put out a new single called "Partition (Party's Over)" off of our upcoming release "The Long Con" (Produced by Anton Delost) out on all streaming services as well as a lyric video! So check that out and tell your friends about it because we go nowhere if not for you and your big mouths! The only time having a big mouth will be encouraged! We are currently working on the bands FIRST live action music video which should follow up in a couple weeks. It is being filmed by our good friend Bryan White and is looking damn good so far so look out for that!

     Number 3! We are working on a merchandise deal with Epic Merch Store out of the EU for worldwide merchandise distribution! So anyone, anywhere on the planet can get ATTE merch shipped to your door! Very cool! Although our merch store at has yet to be updated IT WILL BE and you'll love it.

     4. TOURING! This item has been weird to say the least. We have cancelled our tour plans to head out to Ontario and back this summer but are re-working our plans and playing where we are currently aloud to function. Im sorry Ontario it's not happening. But all of the festivals we were in talks with are welcome to having us back next year so that's great news! So I guess we will see you later!

     Numero 5. We have been in the rehearsal space this entire pandemic which means we are getting tight. We have also been working with our management team from Next Level Entertainment to bring you a higher quality show to your eyes and ears when we get to touring. Big thanks to them for putting in the work to make this an international act! 

     I think that's it for now! Keeper clean folks! A little Lever 2000 never hurts....just saying. Frig off and have fun!

Jul 5, 2020